Eminus 3D-printing services

Accurate, fast & cost effective

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"Fail Fast"

Be more like Elon Musk. Don't be afraid to crash, just make sure you learn from it!

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No context switch!

Send us your design the last thing you do in the afternoon. Have the parts on your desk the next morning!

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Design for function, not manufacturing!

Free form design, forget the limitations of traditional production methods


Being ISO 9001 certified, rest assured that our services will meet or exceed your expectations. EVERY TIME!

All our production is conducted in-house in Uppsala which means total control over quality and delivery time. No surprises!

We stand by our products and offer industry standard tolerance guarantees.

For extreme tolerances, an iterative production process development can be done to achieve tolerances around 0,02mm.


Our 3D-printing services offer many benefits. Our priority is availability, not turnover. Our customers rely on us to deliver high quality prototype parts, usually the next day.

Reduce time and money spent on endless design reviews and risk management. Arrive at the final product faster by evolving your design, with short iterations, testing physical parts and assemblies.

Cost effective

We don't just offer prototypes, we also bridge the gap for "short run production". We have clients that produce everything from a handful to several thousand units per year, that have realized that 3D-printing is a cost effective means of series production.

Not locking your design into expensive tooling and production processes, 3D-printing offers a much more versatile product that can easily be evolved and improved with time.

Complex designs with many parts? No problem! For us it doesn't matter if a production run contains only one or 50 different items, the cost is the same. Versatile batch management ensures the most cost effective production.

Not only fast, but easy!


Email us

Send us your files in STEP, STL or 3MF format together with a short description of your specific needs and constraints.


We review your request

We review your request, clear up any questions, prepare a fixed price quote and send this back to you usually within a couple of hours at no cost to you.


Enjoy the rest of your day

If you decide to order, your parts will be waiting for you by the time you arrive at work the next morning

Customer testimonials

Uppsala Universitet / BMC

"In Biomedical Research we find ourselves in need of high capacity additive manufacturing very often. Eminus really fills that gap between small scale production prototyping and large scale industrial production, for us." - Nikos Fatsis-Kavalopoulos PhD

ScandiNova Systems

”Eminus has provided ScandiNova with high quality prototypes, end use parts and production fixtures. We especially appreciate the possibility of very speedy deliveries, if needed within 24h” - Per Benkowski - Dept. R&D Director

Gradientech AB

”Free-form design solved extreme space and performance constraints in our product. Parts from Eminus have not only allowed us to design for function, but also helped us iterate our design at a rapid pace” – Marcus Berglund CTO

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